(MATTHEW 8:8)*

A story about Yom Kippur**

The truth of which I’ve been assured…

Under their prayer shawls

Men confess it all,

Out loud–purification ensured!

Prayer shawls are their secret places

Mrs. Wesley put her apron o’er her  face as…+

Her closet of prayer,

Herr covering over hair

Alone with God faces-to-faces.

Confess then repent of your sin,

And God will gladly step in…

Make you His child,,

Tame your wild

Nature and He’ll live within.

Confessing one’s sins is terrific,

But only if very specific…

General terms

God’s answer won’t earn,

Confession by mouth is intrinsic!***

That synagogue at Yom Kippur,

Shouted their sins to be sure…

Not one escaped

But was caught by its nape

And covered by God’s love secure!

–Jonathan Caswell

Scriptures used in the preparation of this poem include:

* Also see…Numbers 15: 37-41; Deuteronomy 22: 12; Romans 10: 9-10; Acts 8: 22; Isaiah 55: 6-7; and  Psalm 32: 5.

** Yom Kippur…the holiest time in the Jewish faith, where one confesses and repents of sin and is purified for the coming year.

*** Confession by mouth…Romans 10: 9-10; Acts 8: 22.

+ Mrs. Wesley refers to the mother of John and Charles Wesley….from John Wesley’s biography.

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