(Psalm 22:9—from my Pastor’s sermon this morning)

Born by the Spirit in Mary,

His birth was ordinary…

Out of the womb

His Father groomed

Him for the extraordinary!

Immediately Jesus connected

With His Father as directed,

Forming a bond

Of which he was fond,

Never quite intersected.

As the young Jesus grew,

Over time He KNEW…

His final “end”

And who would depend

On willingness to carry through.

Fast forward to Gethsemane,

The olive groves where He would plead…

“Let this cup pass,”

But, alas,

Let my Father’s will be!

Three times He went back to wake

Disciples for loneliness’ sake…

Three times they failed,

No support availed–

He faced alone the hate.

He knew what He had to do,

The Father would help Him through…

Until the exact

Time of broken contact:

“I am forsaken…even by You!”

His lifelong connection was broken

With the Father when it was spoken…

Christ bore all sin–

God couldn’t look upon Him–

Sacrificial Love…not mere token!

–Jonathan Caswell

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