He woke up nine A.M.;

Thought he’d be late again…

The clock he was fighting

(He’d put it in writing

That he was going to church then)!

The alarm clock flashing twelve

Was frustration he wouldn’t delve…

Til when he returned

And duly discerned

Why it didn’t work well.

Church–he got there on time–

Was blessing, far from sublime…

The ultimate favor

Christ gave up as Saviour,

How Jesus’ suffering became mine.

Felt blessed by Pastor’s whims,

He led singing TWO HYMNS!…

One on the board and one at the end

Announced by Pastor who seemed to grin,

The one who sings heartily wins!

He accepts his role in this place,

Loved but no social ace…

Not much to say

On any day,

Unless it’s by poetic grace.

Still got two hugs or three,

Folks were blessed him to see…

And he was blessed,

In Christ dressed,

Emboldened toward eternity!

–Jonathan Caswell

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