(Joshua 7: 1-26; Joshua 24: 14;   Acts 5: 1-11)

Achan took his goodies and went,

Buried them under his tent…

Slaughter at Ai

Convicted the guy,

Was rocked to the ultimate extent!

If you promise to serve the Lord

Do everything above board…

Do not keep gods

With Him they’re at odds,

If you wish blessing from Him restored.

Ananias and Sapphira sold land

Putting money in the common can…

Not volunteering that they

Kept back some that they,

Thought would fool God’s Holy man.

The man who had hidden a prize

Knew he couldn’t face Jesus’ eyes…

With pain, let go,

Deleted “his” show,

From the Bible I’;d say he was wise!

–Jonathan Caswell

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