Transform your minds

From all worldly kinds…

Sexual preference

And worldly reference,

The use of which make you blind.

Blind to the purpose of God,

In fact, what I say is odd…

Why set aside

Our comfort and pride

to serve this jealous God?

Worldly things are corruption,

Subject to frequent eruption

Of new desires

Devilish fires,

Through inner sinful unction.

We all fall short of God,

Through Adam and eve–born flawed…

This inborn sin

Condemns us within,

Isolates us from God.

Only one person cleaned

The slate so we’d be redeemed…

Under the Law

Jesus did all,

In what we couldn’t do…he beamed!

Then willingly paid our debt

Going to the cross, being dead…

We’re dead to our sins

If we die with Him,

In our spirits, making Him Lord and Head.

God resurrected Christ up

After Jesus Christ drank the cup…

Of God’s wrath

To clear the path

For our being in Heaven…to with Him sup!

Clothed in His righteousness,

We can enter before the Father faultless…

Holy Spirit’s a seal

That Salvation is real,

And Sanctification will progress.

Why persecute the godly

Who may look upon you oddly…

Do you realize

They see with God’s eyes

And you’re mocking Him bodily?

–Jonathan Caswell

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