At night it sounds like August,

Vacation before back-to-school…

I smell the moth balls in blankets

And sheets unfolded and cool.

(Evenings and mornings were cool.

Sixty degrees as a rule…

Just like this year

Autumn feels near,

This summer had most of us fooled!)

Dad would have built the first fire

While Mom said it was too warm…

We would have braved the mosquitoes

‘Cause the fire drove us to the swarms.

Would have gone to a Webster. Mass. market

Long gone—now sells auto parts…

Would have gotten my next taste of MOXIE,

Some years, we’d see fine arts.

The Summer Cottage is torn down,

The land is sold to a neighbor…

We couldn’t keep it

But for the night sounds, mem’ries  and flavors!

–Jonagthan Caswell

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