THE FOOL…by Carl Gooch

The Fool

There is no God in the heart of a fool;
His clouded mind he claims as a tool.
Basing it all on taste, touch and feel,
He lies to himself as to what is real.

“I did it all myself,” the fool will say;
Giving no credit to help along the way.
Who gave him breath or power to do?
Deep in his heart he stirs a prideful stew.

With a limited mind he tries to rule,
Thinking he’s wise but proving a fool.
Who is man that he can judge God?
When his best thought found flawed.

In his mind the truth he can not find;
Although God reveals it all the time.
Instead of believing the word of God,
He listens to the world twisted and flawed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 August 2015

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