Women don’t need any schooling

In men frequently drooling….

Over the bust

And other things I trust,

Privately these things viewing.

Challenging enough is love real,

Pornography this attention can steal…

A perfect set-up

For not growing up,

Expecting the red-hot deal.

Those of us who “cannot”

Still find ourselves in a spot…

Fantasy too

Is sin through-and-through,**

Forgiven but with self-control shot.

Gonna “lick” this thing—and how—

Each man of us stay at the plow…

In our mind’s battle ground

God’s word must abound,

And forgive ourselves when pulled under by the tow.

“If only the women…”,GUYS!!!!

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for our eyes…

Berkas imposing

Our minds’ unclothing

Goes on in ways unwise!

–Jonathan Caswell

** Fantasy too… Β  even lust in thought alone…Matthew 5: 27-28

8 thoughts on “NOT A LITERAL LICKING!

      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        I was surprised to click in your blog name and find the blog missing! But if I really needed a rebuke from God through you then I was willing to trust Him to give it. πŸ˜€ No hard feelings.


      2. lovelimess

        I am just a reader, Mr. Caswell.
        I apologize if you took my sarcasm as any form of attempted criticism.
        I really liked your post and followed your blog.
        Sorry about the misunderstanding…
        No hard feelings.

        Have a lovely night.

        Liked by 1 person

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