Why highway passers hang back,

Do they think I’ll suddenly whack…

Their vehicle sides

Or turn extra wide,

In a sudden attack?

I did bruise the side of our car,

On a day we were traveling far…

Backed up and–OW!!–

Into a snow plow,

The corner of which left a scar.

–Jonathan Caswell

2 thoughts on “THE RIPPED CAR DOOR

  1. rozlin

    Thanks for the follow. I did a similar thing to one of my cars once, except I hit a concrete pillar in a car park. Always presumed the dent was why people gave me a side berth 🙂 Lovely little poem.


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Thank you! I once did something even worse on a hot day…tried to push a car up a sloped driveway a few feet into the shade. You know what happened next…it missed hitting houses or slamming me in-between it and a telephone pole—bent the driver’s side door entirely forward! I had at least (?) enough sense to get out of the way when it started to roll. My Dad was NOT THRILLED with his younger son THAT DAY!!!!



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