My friend, Karen, said to me,

Why do you frown sadly…

I didn’t know

My consternation showed,


I was puzzled by the cards in  her teeth

Which she took out to speak…

Move eyebrows a tad

And I must look sad,

To know I’m really not…is relief!

Unusual  ’cause she rarely speaks,

Just smiles as out she streaks…

Tis a pleasure to know

I’m remembered so,

Because of my facial mystique!

–Jonathan Caswell

13 thoughts on “A FRIEND’S CONCERN

      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        OH REALLY???? I generally play it sxtraight…JUST IN CASE. But…I should feel…honored-?…someone feels comfortable enough to tease. 🙂 Actually this one IS a re-write of another recent work. Calling someone beautiful…or hot…isn’t very wise in the workplace…no matter how much they may be! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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