(Opinion…but see Romans 13:7-8 ; Proverbs 3:27-28;  Proverbs 22:7; Matthew 5: 23-24)

Some folks demand paying tithe,

With not enough left to thrive…

They claim the Lord

Fortunes may restore,

So the Deacon’s Fund keeps them alive.

somewhere it says managed money,

Is way more a witness , Honey…

Pay off debrs we’re told,

In Christ be bold,

With the financial witness of money!

Paying off all debts has a reason,

It allows giving in every season…

One’s constant income

Negates promises wrung

From TV preachers’ reasons.

Limited in what you make—

Poor management will take…

Near every dime

By weekend time,

But poor folks give more for God’s sake!

Yhe thing that really gets me

Is manipulation for TV…

Citing the Law

Commanding us all

To give or lose essentially!

I promise to give any names,

But in homes people play these games…

The spouse with money sense

Thrown against the fence,

Is tired of the underhanded “Godly” chains!

–Jonathan Caswell

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