It shut off early morning,

Roughly six AM,

I woke up to the C-PAP off

No more sleeping then…

My wife’s power chair won’t run

I think now I goofed

In getting the wrong battery

Backup–this was proof!

Put the batteries in the radio

That I’d not gotten done,

Christian radio sounds fine

When TV’s will not run…

I have to go check on her

In case she needs to go,

We gather in the Common Room

Discussing our woe!

 Our building is half off–half on…

A confused state of affairs.

Some apartments have half-power,

And many power-bare…

Hallways and the Common Room

Are generator plugged,

The rest of us must bide our time

Grin and give a shrug!

Housing for the elderly,

Why don’t we all have power,

Without certain appliances

Some won’t last an hour…

Marie was a goner

Had Carl not checked her line,

With a shoulder concentrator

She is now feeling fine!

Nine-thirty is the time that

The power company,

Claims that the neighborhood

Gets electricity…

The lawn sprinklers are in use

anachronism time,

The ladies are laughing

At another funny line!

Jonathan Caswell

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