(All fictional–for fun!)

He didn’t go to church,

Alarm clock let him oin lurch…

He woke up to find

Himself half-blind,

Sleeping in the top of a birch!

His leg was really sore,

Like he’d hurt it before…

Jumping up and down

In Main Street like a clown,

Now who could ask for more?

He wanted to see “The Preach”

And see what he would teach…

But when he lay down

He couldn’t come ‘roung,

In a way that his wife could reach!

He sees people go by

That really aren’t there but why…

His current state

To halucinate,

It might not be safe to drive!

Instead of church he prayed,

A poem he then assayed…

Was it wrong

To write a Lord’s song,

Then for church be over-delayed?

–Jonathan Caswell

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