Do you want to be His disciple,

Ready for true revival…

Then get off your duff,

And do your stuff,

You are needed–in fact, VITAL.

All of Christ’s body receives,

Should only a few achieve…

Blessing o’er-flowing

Because of knowing

And loving their Head and chief?

What of the rest of you guys…

Can you even open your eyes…

In the Garden

Jesus gave pardon,

But someday you’ll be all surprised!-

Jesus told ALL how to pray,

Not just those few, by the way…


Whomever you be,

Christ wants to be going your way.

Teachers, evangelists and prophets,

Not all identify with  those profits…

A prayer warrioe–where

In scripture is there,

That gift so certain people can adopt it?

It sounds like a matter of pride,

For those who seek it inside…

Or of people delaying

Their own–needed–praying,

Iigoring the Spirit inside!

Christ came that we are freed

From a pagan elite, indeed…

Take up your cross–

Don’t sit on it cross–

“Cause someone asked you to interceed!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Will anyone listen and obey, my Lord????)

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