Our incident with the car

Yesterday influences far…

A constant bind

Within the mind,

Dreams try to un-jar *

*(that is…open up).

Inspection is due this week,

I’m afraid of being up a creek…

Can’t pay it one shot

And it will be a lot,

An exhaust system–at least–as we speak.

So what did my “projector man” do,

A little humor ( ? ) to carry me through…

Saw “my” car junked,

Thought I was skunked

But then Imagination came through!!

I was riding in  an easy chair,

No hint of a motor or stinky air…

Held my legs out,

To not drag, no doubt,

Learning to stop it with care.

What a trick–multiple intersections–

Overshooting the lights–conniptions…

Winter driving’s better

Less chance of a header,

But how does it all work…no convictions!

–Jonathan Caswell

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