Somehow we left behind,

Clear and active minds…

Told what to do

Everything labeled “true”,

Becoming progressively blind.

So many churches “fit in”

Negating the relevance of sin…

Showing they’re beat

By hasty retreat,

Abandoning their people to sin.

So much talk of THE END,

Which the worldly also vend…

Making profits

By way of Prophets,

Who wouldn’t that way bend!

Blessings with persecution,

That time has already come…

Wealth transfer

Some will not differ

They wait for a tidy sum.

Even great preachers err,

They think they’ll make Heaven’s stair…

Believe then Bible

Tantamount to libel

Of the doctrine the Bible would air!

Too much argument

On when  departing buses are sent…

Rapture is ready–

So few rock steady–

How few will fill for the ascent?

–Jonathan Caswell

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