APPENDUM “D”…of Jonathan Caswell’s “THREE WEST”


(of “THREE WEST”, by Jonathan Caswell)

Being “mental” has stigma attached,

Some folks prefer us “despatched”…

Instead of a ward

Behead with sword,

Or a gas chamber–when hatched!

–Jonathan Caswell

A brief note about nursing staff,

None of which were riff-raff…

The older listened

With hearts that glistened–

The younger—not by half!

All of them seemed to care,

But timing clearly wasn’t there…

“Just a minute”

Rarely had truth in it,

Half-an-hour or longer…they got there!

–Jonathan Caswell

The program counselors great,

At least from my view to date…


Got in the way for me,

And others who fought that trait.

–Jonathan Caswell

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