Monthly Archives: October 2015



In our neck of the woods

Things are pretty quiet….

No Trick-or-Treaters we ‘ve seen

Or sugar-fueled riots.

Stillness if fine for we old folks,

With just “Bones” in the Lobby…

A shrouded plastic skeleton–

Someone’s macabre hobby!

I must have slept two hours at least,

Maybe pitter-patters happened then…

But then my wife would be upset

And my nap would have found its end.

No strange specters near our door,

Just under our neighbor’s…cat paws…

I tried to get him to poke at my fingers

But the cat merely withdraws.

We’re giving candy a rest,

Not as tempted as in other years….

I’ve got a wound caused by blood sugar

And further amputation fears.

I didn’t dress up for work,

I’d given away my hat…

Couldn’t find the engineer’s cap

So that was the end of that!

Besides, I work second shift,

Hardly anyone stays around….

My audience leaves as quick as they can–

In empty halls why should one clown?

We’ll set all the clocks back,

Backwards by an hour…

November first, Daylight Savings Time

Is exchanged for five o’clock glower!

–Jonathan Caswell



(The beginning o a blog)

 I wish I’d kept track

Of the initial impact…

There were five or six

First blogger picks,

That graced my brand-new act.

Some may have followed from

The blog which I had come …

Under another

Administration’s cover,

But marching to a different drum.

I’ve forgotten who all may be,

It may have been four or three…

One or two still

Accept this handbill,

With many more added  eventually!

–Jonathan Caswell



Coming into Shabbat,

For millions that means a lot…

Time for prayer

And Torah to air,

And family time thus got.

Shabbat is more than readings,

But include them in proper breedings…

Train the child**

He won’t his heritage revile,

He’ll find blessings in the LORD exceeding!

Do not forget the law,

Build not on wood, hay or straw…

Become rubies in gold,

Sharing your faith so bold,

So people around you stand in awe!

–Jonathan Caswell

**Proverbs 22:6