(Maybe some repeats of earlier work)

Pushing it too much?

Recognizing I’m a wolf…

Taking advantage.


A lonesome cougar,

Cunning in her ramblings…

Into my former room!

Stubby pencil sings

Recording impressions new…

Singing golf pencils!

Common diagnoses,

Fellowship in pain/struggle…

This group comforts all.

Sitting at room’s door,

After houfrs writing verse…

Just inside the line!

Spirit’s forgotten

But by one or two  Christians…

Suggested mantras.

Ditty singing heard.

“Nicole” wanted a sample…

Made one up…for her!

Ten minute shower

Shortened yet to five…

Cold water assets!

Every morn anew—

Yesterday’ mistakes are gone…


If staying two weeks,

Would ask Doctor “Siraco”

To visit or call.

(For encouragement)

“Renee” encouraged

Her circle, including me…

God’s love in action!

Some of us go back,

To apartments full of pain…

Can they grow at all?

–Jonathan Caswell

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