During his lock-down stay,

A clinician met him next day…

His latent fear,

She knew someone here,

Would his privacy be betrayed?

Professional ethics suggest

His mind should be at rest…

Confidential talk

Surely won’t walk,

In any way out of the nest!

Patient privacy

Is the law you see….

Professionals get whacked

When security’s cracked,

don’t mention any names directly.

–Jonathan Caswell

10 thoughts on “LATENT FEAR

  1. lovelimess

    Funny that your poem brings such a relevant topic.
    HIPAA, unauthorized disclosures, and public policy violations happen a lot.
    People are too careless with the information, because it isn’t theirs.
    Careless misuse and disclosure leaves a trail of unethical professionals that should know better. Why do they not know better?


      1. lovelimess

        Well, that does not surprise me one bit.
        Unfortunately for you, there are laws designed to protect patient privacy and those should be absolutes for all healthcare workers – ESPECIALLY PUBLIC HEALTH AND RELATED AGENCIES.
        Another individuals medical records is none of your business.


      2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Unfortunately? The poem was saying…. the guy had a fear somebody ELSE would tell—NOT HIM. I probably didn’t make that clear enough. So thanks…I have to improve my writing so folks won’t get the wrong idea about what I’m trying to say. πŸ™‚


      3. lovelimess

        Nothing to really fear unless you are somehow associated with the health care provider or using the information/sharing it. Even then, it’s not that big of a deal…unless of course there is a witness that documents and reports the violation. More than one instance of this is blatant disregard for the rights of others. Unethical and actually really unfortunate if it involves public agencies. I pay taxes. Follow the laws and respect my rights.

        You write great! It was me who was trying to say something πŸ™‚


      4. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        When in doubt…I generally answer as the straight man. To be honest, I felt that if you got the notion it was I who would disrespect patient privacy…instead of (as I tried to say) fearing someone else might….WHO ELSE would get the same notion from the words as I wrote them?


      5. lovelimess

        I have no idea who is reading my comments, I have only recently been informed of reliable information, before that was hushed rumors. Perhaps another reader will make sense of my comment. They would undoubtedly take heart.



      6. lovelimess

        I’m not looking for any information.
        I have just enough to confirm that I do not want any more.

        Have a lovely rest of your life, Jonathan.


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