When God called Moses to lead

His people from Egyptian greed…

The stutterer balked

Though with God he balked,

But with ample encouragement agreed.

His stuttering grew less and less,

As he led the people addressed…

Their needs with shouts

Anger and put outs,

Cleaning up when they’d messed!

I, too had speech impediments,

And negative self contents…

Like him, my bother

Talked for me like no other,

I grew up and learned God is immense!

Like him my Mother’s desire

To have another boy fired…

Up the certainty

That she would have me,

Working so I wouldn’t expire.

Our missions were a long time coming,

Constant questioning what we were assuming…

Key to identities

Linked to One Most  Holy,

With a long time for ministry grooming!

Who were we when called,

Servants of the Living God…

Finding our way

From the sheep pen okay,

Although methods seemed to others odd.

Moses was greater I know,

But we both learned to develop real slow…

Our ministries

To the God who sees,

Found God’s never buffaloed!

–Jonathan Caswell

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