Raining, not a danger of flood,

Up hill it’s mostly mud…

Farther down,

lawns may drown

But brown water whitecaps are good!

We worry for the septic tank,

For saturated soil smells rank…

Uphill or not

Odors brought

To the surface stank when soil’s dank.

Digging basins won’t help us now,

But ridding all the water somehow…

Being down seven inches

Are we being rain “Grinches?”

And for nothing having a cow?

Farther out south and west,

Nothing has the chance to be guessed…

Too much water have they

And we all pray

that those areas get a rest.

And what of the mighty Blackstone,

River levels threaten anyone’s home…?

Probably nay,

Nor be washed away,

Although downstream might see a little come.

–Jonathan Caswell

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