“HELLO BARBY” my young friend,

I’ve come to talk to you again…

‘Bout a vision softly creeping

In my dreams while I was sleeping…

And the vision that was planted in my brain…still remains…

An A.I. is among us!

In these dreams I talked alone,

With a doll to call my own…

But everything I said

Found its way out and was spread

to  its makers who propositioned me


How could my doll…do this?

I poured my heart out privately

“HELLO BARBY” can’t you see,

You’re supposed to  be my friend

On my privacy I must depend,

Then a thought hit…that you were just teasing me…

By pleasing me—

For information passed on

To your makers!

Said I, this isn’t fair,

I lovingly comb your hair…

How so quickly you would betray

The one who bought you for that special day

And my kids…are frightened ’cause you tell..

Their thoughts as well

And stand doing all

The betrayal!

–Jonathan Caswell

This poem is inspired by recent discussions on the radio program, GROUND ZERO. with Clyde Lewis.(www,groundzeromedia,org), regarding neuromarketing and neuropolitics.   The poem uses the rhythm structure of THE SOUND OF SILENCE,, by Simon and Garfunkle. and is a respectful parody of that song.     The  doll, “HELLO BARBIE”, is a real product that will talk back to children…and anyone else!  The scenario presented here was gleaned from discussion on GROUND ZERO, speculating the potential future use of the doll—or one like it.   AS FAR AS THIS AUTHOR KNOWS….listening to and broadcasting information is not within the capabilities of this particular product…I think.

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