Discovered firecrackers when young,

Shot them off in our garage…

The grease, oil and gasoline

Stored would have made a bonfire large!

Grew up next door to a happy blonde

We imagined adventure trails…

We grew older and more distant

And the boyish charm fails.

Some boys came along and out of spite

The broke my MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. set…

Why they wanted to do it

I haven’t figured out yet!

The other two kids looked down on the third member


I was only twenty-seventh out of two-sixty one,

A “failure” academically.

A classmate of mine needed hospital care,

Recognized  the Chaplain’s last name…

The Chaplain told his younger son

Who on several visits came.

I’m sorry to my classmates,

I haven’t kept in touch…

The wonderful times alleged

For me weren’t so much.

–Jonathan Caswell

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