I ran the 0-4-0E,

That steam engine was kind to me…

Just back and forth

On a siding up North,

The Engineer supervised me.

The had me drive the train

‘Cause I shoveled coal in vain…

Acting the klutz

Wasn’t a plus,

But others could steam maintain!

I never ran out on the main,

It’s really not the same…

Too high a speed,

My heels I need,

A chicken shouldn’t drive a train.

And according to my lights,

I do have fear of heights…

A trestle where

One sees little but air,

Would send my fear to new heights!

So I’ll WATCH .them drive the train,

My model railroad’s not the same…

The engine’s so small

I don’t fit at all,

I remote control it on the main!

–Jonathan Caswell

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