Most folks traditionally

Put presents under the tree…

Some just use socks

(Hopefully no rocks)..

And gifting conservatively.

In our house, my brother and I,

Had stockings slowing  us down by…

Our parents could sleep

With no crumb-cruncher creep,

Down the stairs before “five”.

Christmas eve our wrapped presents came,

From Uncles and Aunts named…

Recorded by Mom

So we’d work on,

Thank-you notes for all those named.

Christmas morning, the “big stuff” appeared

Under the tree every year….

Socks and shoes

Handkerchiefs to lose,

And a typewriter once (college was near)!

These days, just my wife and I,

Relatively few things surprise…

Under a Christmas tree

Our small tokens be,

Born out of love in our eyes!

–Jonathan Caswell

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