Jesus hated from the start,

Upset Herod’s apple cart…

Another King

Whose head must swing,

By executioner’s art!

Escape to Egypt saved,

Jesus from the cruel, depraved…

Scriptures fulfilled

And God’s people thrilled–

Those destined to be saved.

The  ONE POINT the world thinks odd,

That Jesus was the Son of God…

Equal with His Father–

Most don’t bother

Taking serious what has earned cattle prods.

God coming as a human,

No one else believes He can…

Disciples of Christ

Believe it’s precise

That Bible and that He is the Man.

So we are hated for this,

We humble ourselves to Christ…

His only Way

Available today,

His paying for all sin through His sacrifice.

Yes, this Babe, so cute in the manger,

One day would die by God’s anger…

About all sin

Which the Father put on Him,

Christ became our resurrected Lone Ranger!

Lone Ranger with Holy spirit beside,

Who in us as God abides…

His Spirit with love

Fills us, His gloves,

Doing God’s work with no self pride’

–Jonathan Caswell

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