How she and he became one flesh,

Takes longer to get off the chest…

It’s not bad

But the best we’ve had,

Together we answer the quest!

Poets mourn and dream all day,

Romance time for one person plays…

Thinking of a sultry

Woman is adultery,

For me. so Scripture says.

So others will do this job,

Whilst I with them hobnob…

Maybe I’ll learn

A safe way to yearn,

Collecting girls isn’t my job!

When unattached I grieved,

Went after any woman that breathed…

Physique mattered less

For the desperate I guess,

Whose desires frequently deceived.

A girl would change her hairdo

From morning to night (she’s who?)…

Crushes many

But captures hardly any,

The fat boy got awfully blue!

Only two went for a whole year,

The first of these wrote a “Jon Dear”…

The second lasted

a lifetime contrasted

With all the rest of its peers!

–Jonathan Caswell

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