Growing experiences,

That others give slant glances…

Used by our Lord

Installing onboard,

Character trait enhancements!

Romans 8:28,

Life does celebrate…

Schools of Hard Knocks

Knock off blocks,

honing these stones just great!

Patience–faith in God tested–

its tough with methods suggested…

Learn when doing

And thoughtful chewing

Of God’s Word…unprotested.

Both had our grades,

In the midst of life escapades…

I also passed

Attraction for a lass

Or two considering age.

The wife prepared laundry “for me”

Yo which I was very angry…

Both dead-tired,

Still she aspired

Pushing to the limits me!

She started while I sat down,

Fell asleep in a chair (neutral ground)…

Both fell asleep

Till the dryer beeped

And then I switched things ’round!

Jonathan Caswell

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