Florida’s Solution to its’ Python Problem? Let Tourists Kill ’em.


Dogpaddling Through Life

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida has more nonnative reptile and amphibian species than anywhere else in the world.There are more non-native lizards breeding in Florida than native ones.

The US  suffers an estimated $120 billion in damages each year from non-native species. You were all excited about the possibility of winning a couple billion? Chump change compared to what non-natives cost us.

BurmesePythongProfileWithTongueOut Burmese Python (source: Florida Fish and Wildlife website)

One of those invasive species is the Burmese Python. They started showing up in the Everglades in the 1980s. It’s generally believed the problem was caused by people releasing pets into the wild, but what isn’t widely known is Hurricane Andrew destroyed a reptile breeding facility when the storm blew through south Florida, and many of the invasives we have now can be traced to that event. It’s currently estimated there are 100,000 pythons living in…

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