Diana’s cat,–in tuxedo–poses in full flash,

Apparently happy being caught…

With her pearls around his neck worn with panache

Like a ruffled Dickey we had bought.

Pearls he had played with when Missy put on him

The doubled string at which he was surprised…

If it had been Master who had thus adorned him so,

String of pearls might have vaporized!

He was Missy’s Cat, spending whole days with her,

While Master worked keeping home fires burning…

Her little friend named “Tippie” sat on her lap and purred

We had a cat who was very discerning!

Diana found the picture–Tippie Cat’s been gone

Two or more years under sod…

Buried him on the edge of land that we used to own,

In woods where he often loved to tread.

She has “enough” pictures of this our last cat,

Health needs prevent getting another…

Reminding of his healthy years, our love and all of that–

We’re not likely to adopt another!

–Jonathan Caswell

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