Beauty in the Snow


Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

It’s hard to believe that just five days ago we had a snowstorm that left over three inches of snow on the ground. Heavy rain the next day washed it away, and Old Man Winter has set in with his cold temperatures.

I’m starting to love those storms as the birds flock to the feeders in great numbers for an easy meal. I’m learning that less is more. The fewer feeders means that those feeders are busier. Setting them close to the house and laying out a nice mix of seed and nuts the birds quickly became used to my presence and relaxed to enjoy the bird buffet.

In a couple of weeks I’ve got a “BIG” trip that I’m heading off to. The drum beats of Africa and the thundering hooves of hundreds of thousands of Wildebeests, Zebras and Gazelles have finally drawn me in. A true African Safari…

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