I  remember of my dreams many,

The import of some is uncanny…

A certain dream

Daylight has seen,

Reflecting my understanding.

Reaching for a book on a shelf,

Not watching out for myself…

Tripped on a chair

And fell right there,

Crying  in frustration for myself.

I should have had my cane,

Forgotten somewhere, the same…

Helped catch me in time

In another rhyme,

Thus going without it is vain!

Was I hurt? Only my pride,

Two knees and my confidence inside…

As of yet no tears

In daylight it appears,

But in dreams hard to keep them to hide.

–Jonathan Caswell

1 thought on “A FALLING DREAM

  1. enchantment9

    Enter the void!! We trip and understand what we can’t fathom in dreams of jig-saw puzzles.. Only a few prices seem to fit, yet they resonate as we remember and then we wake up.. Sometimes relieved, gasping (oh boy! So glad that was a dream! Pheeeew, lucky escape! Ha ha. Enjoyed reading, Jonathan, great one.. 😊 💐



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