Beliefs and blinking



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As human beings we are constantly searching for answers. This curiosity, this drive for truth, can be a double edged sword. Curiosity compels us to lifelong learning, contemplation, and experimentation. It drives us to discover new findings, invent new technology, and create beautiful art. However the drive to know can also attract us to people who appear confident in their answers, even when the evidence is lacking.

Consider blinking. In general, people who lie or are stretching the truth blink more. Furthermore, we have developed a way to sense that people who blink at a rapid pace are less trust worthy. It has been proposed that blink rate in the presidential debates can historically be used, with high accuracy, to predict the winner of the election. The candidate that blinks at a lower rate appears more honest. This technique has also been mastered by many cult leaders. One of the unifying…

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