Borders ‘tween Jew and Gentile

Have been rough for a long while…

Jews in logs

Wrote Gentiles as dogs,

Gentiles thought Jews a dung pile.

All that’s forsaken in Christ,

Who by willing sacrifice…

He followed the Law,

Jot and tittle–no flaw–

Did it once–which will suffice!

He became, for the Jews,

By the Law–Good News…

Circumcised  inside

From the Law and its pride,

Come to faith in Christ–as He your mind renews!

Gentiles drawn by faith,

Are from circumcision safe…

Outward appearance

To save lacks adherence,

Depending on works negates faith!

So now the two become one,

In Christ a new race has begun…

Abraham’s blessing

In righteousness dressing

To live and serve the Holy One.

No Jews/Gentiles remain,

All learning Christ’s mind in brains…

One in our Lord,

Peace restored,

See what God’s Spirit attains!

Is the Holy Spirit in you,

And faith in Christ our Lord too?

You can receive

His Spirit–BELIEVE!

Face life with a new attitude!

In Christ–why hate your brother?

He is the Jew–no other!

God’s people’s tight

Formation veils sight,

God’s will is to love one another.

The Good Samaritan Parable,

Showed Jews it’s not terrible…

To show their neighbor–

A Gentile–favor,

Making life a lot more bearable!

–Jonathan Caswell

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