#AtoZChallenge: L Is Like Love…


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I read a post recently about a mom who decided to climb into the crib of her crying baby. The post was not only about this act and but more about the reason behind it. It’s about many things but mainly about love.

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3 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: L Is Like Love…

  1. annasdiabetes

    Here’s my humble opinion. The OP attempts to view the world as seen by a newborn from an adult standpoint. An adult might or might not have a problem sleeping in a new environment because they only sleep about 8 hrs a day total. However a newborn sleeps for most of the day, so yes they will sleep in a new world regardless. The reasons babies cry is misunderstood. They don’t cry because of the transition but because they can’t talk as of yet. Crying is their attempt of communication. IMHO it does not necessarily mean they’re uncomfortable with the new surroundings. They cry just because.

    When my kids were little, I did let them cry before they fell asleep. Doing this continuously produced great results, they actually slept overnight. Whenever being put in bed, they knew it meant for sleeping and not for crying. Of course It was a totally different matter when they had ear infections and in pain. Then you give them a chewable tylenol, cradle them in your arms and hold on to the poor ear, and then make a doctor appointment followed by a ‘pink medicine’ aka antibiotic that you keep in the refrigerator.

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