Lake Chachargagoggmanchaugagoggchabungagunggamaug,**

Otherwise called Webster Lake,

Cost too much for a preacher’s family

But “Bad-Luck Pond” we could take.

We’d take our towels and wash up

In morning mist and cool water…

Hardly anyone ever was there–

Buildings beginning to totter!

I once got out quite a way,

Just laying back to float…

Came in to hear of a water snake–

That really got my goat.

Another name for Bad Luck Pond,

Was “Laurel Lake”…

Laurel bushes all around

Beautifully scented, so hard to forsake!

But like near everywhere else

The vandals came to call…

Graffiti, junk in the water,

One couldn’t soak at all!

We put in indoor plumbing,

Morning walks became memories…

If we drive by we try to spy

Laurel among the trees.

–Jonathan Caswell

**Did I spell it correctly???


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