The Strange Truth About Discomfort.



We need it.

We need discomfort in our lives because it’s the only way we grow and improve. We don’t improve ourselves when we do comfortable tasks that are easy.

Definitely not.

Without discomfort, there is no growth.

We grow when we do things that make us uncomfortable, things that scare us even, things that force us to face our fears (like public speaking), things that are out of our comfort zone.

Ask yourself this question,
“If I did an uncomfortable task repeatedly over a period of time, would I still be uncomfortable doing it eventually?”

Most likely not, and you would have greatly reaped the benefits of doing that uncomfortable task over and over again. It doesn’t become uncomfortable anymore.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The more you learn to be comfortable with discomfort, the more mentally and emotionally resilient you become. Your willpower increases. You’re not easily affected by stressful or uncomfortable situations. You’ll feel…

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