The mighty Mumford’s appeal

Is that this river is real…

From cedar tree swamps

Past summer camps,

And ponds where fishermen  creel!

Conjoined, two different creeks,

Wander through back yards and sneaks…

Hardly impressive

Peaceful not restive,

Over waterfalls it speaks.

Riedell (“riddle”) brook merges

Into the Mumford which urges…

Water to flow

Far down below,

Down through mill ponds turbid.

Through Uxbridge it parallels,

The Blackstone River it swells…

In South Uxbridge reeds

The merging succeeds,

Complete with cleaned-up river smells.

When paralleling Blackstone,

It makes the old canal its own…

Flowing through locks

Stripped of big rocks,

History courses along.

–Jonathan Caswell

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