Mom’s been gone since nineteen-ninety,

Struck down by cancer’s scare…

The scare was real and metastisized,

And changed textures of her hair.

Knowledge is one thing, acceptance is all–

Seeing what I early-on missed…

I love my Mother for who she was,

There wasn’t time to be kissed.

You know that sons have mixed feeling for Mom,

Pre-romantic as well as fear…

I wish I could have responded more

Positively (can she hear-?).

Worked through my feelings and I’m free,

To miss her as her younger son…

I wish I could hug her and thank her for all,

In Heaven perhaps that is done!

–Jonathan Caswell

3 thoughts on “DO I LOVE MY MOM?

  1. Aishwarya

    Feelings for a mother can never die! Peace to her soul and peace to you. (Don’t know if this was drawn out of your experience or fictional)!
    But it reaches out beautifully and has filled me with a weirdly beautiful sorrow (does that make sense? It is an emotion that exists in me though as I type this out!)


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    YEAH…from personal experience. Good for ME TO KNOW i HIT AN EMOTIONAL nerve! I felt the emotions invoked while I was writing. And thank you for your blessing for her and the family!



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