Settling into his chair,

The one with tungsten steel…?

Readies himself for the evening–

Work with instant appeal!

Gathering badges and keys

For cleaners due to come in…

Scoots off for some water

Before the fun begins.

Assuming he’s not too early,

He clocks out the Lobby guy…

Right around four p.m.

So the man can fly!

Calmly waits anticipating

A flurry of calls inbound…

Asking for that one or this—

If their numbers are found.

International commerce this,

All extensions cannot be had…

Other countries aren’t direct

From his little telephone pad!

Smiles to exiting office staff,

Executive and engineer…

Skeleton crew for the overnight shift

Slowly appears.

A sufficient few remember

To ask how his time off went…

Most others smile hurrying past,

Some..the end of their day heaven-sent!

Filling needs and being recognized

He feels greatly valued…

Happy is he on this job

It shows in his attitude.

–Jonathan Caswell

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