MRI of my girlie bits πŸ™„


Quest for Mayo

OK if your even remotely squeamish about talking lady parts-disengage now! AND I’m also gonna use very colorful language because honestly this situation called for the use of my extensive profane vocabulary.

AND I just have to share this story because when I told Frank he almost fell out of his chair laughing so it must be good!!!

For whatever reason I have never had an MRI of my pelvic region, I would assume most people never have. Right? Well apparently when your body makes little tunnels from your colon to wherever the hell it wants to an MRI is the best way to see said tunnels also known as Fistulas (plural) or fistulae (singular) I have the plural kind πŸ€’. So when my Mayo GI doc said it was a necessity I said, ok-sure do whatever you think-give me the works.

Perhaps I should have read up on it…

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