The War on Milfoil and How it Affects Fish


The Amateur Angler

By now almost every boater, swimmer, water-skier, angler and just about anyone who uses New Hampshire water bodies knows what Milfoil is but just in case this is news to you I will try to explain what Milfoil is, how New Hampshire is trying to eradicate it and how it affects fish (and by extension, fishing).

What is Milfoil?

Milfoil, aka Eurasian Watermilfoil was first introduced to the eastern USA in the 1940’s as a plant to be used in home aquariums. It is a beautiful plant with feather-like leaves encircling a vine. When there is current, the feathers gently ebb and flow. Think about how beautiful the colorful fall leaves of a tree look when a subtle breeze is blowing them. Poems have been written about such beauty.

How does Milfoil affect water?

milfoil-3Once Milfoil found its way into native waters  it became an invasive species of plant that…

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