“FRONT-LINE”, a P.B.S. shew,

Biographed those two…

Hillary and Trump

Seeing how they’ve come,

Running for the Oval Room.

Kind of hard to believe

Both tend to self-deceive…

Faced with great hurt

And their actions were it,

Blaming someone else brings relief.

Hillary had a public hell

When bill didn’t treat her well..

Lewinski lies

He told, then surprised

By lying to her as well!

Trump seems to think “profitable”

His fortune’s unstoppable…

Little people hurts

As they lose their shirts,

Be considered by him…not possible.

–Jonathan Caswell

Opinions here are the author’s own—based on a recent  FRONT-LINE program, looking at the backgrounds of the two candidates.


  1. Brenda Davis Harsham

    Hillary’s made mistakes, and gone through hard times, but come through it with her vows and intentions intact. You can’t say that about Trump. He’s had even more marital trouble than Hillary. At least she hasn’t declared bankruptcy, she pays her taxes and she’s released her tax returns for inspection. He is courting Russia, skirting the edge of asking someone to kill his opponent and condemning people by virtue of their ancestry or religion. There’s no place for that in the US presidency. Now if he were in the Philippines… Marital troubles, on the other hand, are part and parcel of public life. The media just used to not report on it. Think JFK.



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