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It’s been a pretty good day,

Even had time to play…


Wasn’t too mean,

My relief is on his way!

–Jonathan Caswell


Fall Fest — Miranda Speaks Style

Every year my aunt and uncle put on a Fall Fest party for the family. It is definitely something I look forward to every year. I love getting to carve pumpkins, eat some good food, spend time with family, and of course, pick out my favorite fall outfit. Today I have on some high-waisted black jeans, a […]

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Kato Truss Bridge — N-Scale and other interest

My friend Eric asked me to custom weather his single track, black Kato bridge, for his basement layout. I looked for prototypes that were different from what you might expect. I found an image of the 6th street bridge with some minor repairs on the old joints. I liked the look and expanded it across […]

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My Halloween Costume — Joey Rambles

Happy Halloween, everyone! So while we’re stacking up the candy corn and grabbing our Blair Witch DVDs (we’re gonna pretend the second one never happened okay), a few of us (okay, most of us) have been looking forward to the best part of Halloween – the costumes! I didn’t quite get to go all out […]

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It’s never too late:

Halloween celebrating…

It’s family fun.


Before midnight comes

And it’s All Saints Holy Day

Let’s kneel down and pray!


Vandelism squashed

Families took back the night

The nineteen fifties!


Little ghosts need rest

Tomorrow’s another day

Put costumes away!



Haiku inspired by the mind

Covered with…a mask


Gone all the candy,

Sugar high kids just can’t sleep…

Warm milk and stories!


Adults a grand time

Pushing the erotic edge

Skimpy means you’re cold!

–Jonathan Caswell