Hear Ye–all is not lost–

Auto lights fight the dusk…

Some have jobs,

No miscreant lobs

Firebombs at our cars we’ll trust!

We gears need keep running

So ruling elite keep sunning…

Corrupt egos

No voter knows,

Except those not in the running!

Who can blame politicians

Who see themselves as patrician…

Just as Nero

A people’s hero,

Judging counter opinions as sedition.

Deliberately under-educated,

Lab rats for theories debated…

Rabbits get more

Respect on these shores,

Humans are evolutionarily negated.

So your Masters find

Other junk to fill your mind…



Makes thinking people blind!

Futurists and Christian prophecy,

Muslims reactionary…

Point out tips

Of Apocalypse,

For which we all should be wary!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An Opinion Piece!)

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