A very slow evening it’s been,

Left at home the insulin…

Slow is good

Working hard understood,

Stoking the fire within!

Four espressos in coffee,

Added ice to this drink lofty…

Beverages thick

Like this have a kick,

Or at least I’ll not be groggy.

Hey…I got THREE birthday cards,

Perfect for lonely old bards…

One from my wife

Who I’ll love for life,

Th’other two…unopened so far!

Is it rollicking reading…this stuff?

I never feel I’ve written enough…

Sticky wicket–the grass–

Over which rains pass,

Cricket or croquet  can be tough!

This sing-song  reaching it’s ends,

May scare away all of my friends…

A few still speak, I’m not up a creek,

Unless each one pretends!

–Jonathan Caswell

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