find yourself girl or guy,

Willing with you to try…

Watching trains

Or cameras trained,

Upon them enjoying the try!

The pictured girl must like train time,

I think that’s a Scranton-based line…

Batavia maybe–

This shapely lady,

Some rail fan must have eyed.

A couple gals allowed photographs,

That went on the relationship epitaphs…

The last one picked

Would stick,

We stayed together not by half!

–Jonathan Caswell


  1. Elizabeth

    As a child I used to fall asleep listening to the trains passing about a quarter of a mile away. First I’d hear the distant sound of the horns as they approached and crossed the road over by the high school. Then the comforting rumble as they chased the tracks past my home and on into the night. To me the sound of a train is the sound of my childhood and one of the most comforting things on earth.



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