If you thought the Assistant  Director,

Of the F.B.I resurrect’d her…

Latest news

Even Comey must choose,

A redirect after his lecture.

The latest is to indict,

The woman who wouldn’t do right…

Discovered e-mails

Like coffin nails,

Are bringing new charges with bite!

–Jonathan Caswell

(A Political Opinion Poem)

19 thoughts on “POOR MRS. CLINTON…(OPINION)

    1. Heartafire

      In a free country we are free to yell “lock her up” as they do in third world countries and carry banners of someone at political rally’s with a bulls eye across her face but it really hurts see this great country sinking so low.

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      1. thelonelyauthorblog

        I agree with you. It is sad to see this great country sinking so low. How can a person who sold out our State Department for money and favors, put our security and country at risk with a unsecured server, and lied while under oath to Congress, even be allowed to run for President? That is the stuff of third world banana republics not the United States of America.

        Anyone one else commiting these crimes would have been locked up long ago. We have had politicians and generals being arrested and disgraced for much less.

        Hillary Clinton is not above the law. There is more than enough evidence that demonstrate she should be wearing an orange pantsuit. Just because perverted Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch days before Comey’s original decision, and a just because an FBI high ranking official wife received $675,000 from the Clinton foundation doesn’t mean these corrupt actions by the former Secretary of State need to be ignored.

        Hope you are well. MIss you..

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      2. Heartafire

        Your point is well taken regarding questionable behavior on behalf of H Clinton. Still we are a civilized country, never before has a presidential candidate behaved in such an irrational and provocative manner as Trump. Inciting violence among his followers, inviting Russia to hack into data in search of harmful information to disrupt the election. It is not ok to place a bulls eyes over the photo of the opposing candidate of your choice, to yell out lock her up. Not in a democracy. Will it be okay to create chaos and refuse to accept the results of the election as he has threatened? Does he ever come forward with his actual plan to solve our issues, he can’t stay focused long enough to do that, if he has a plan. If Trump is elected he will be my president. The will of the people will prevail as it has always done but so far I disagree with his actions, his racism, his misogyny, and his ruthless carelessness. Re the emails recently discovered, Comey must come out with the information he has regarding them immediately, it is only fair to the voters, what he has done is astonishing and stunningly irresponsible. I have nothing further to say regarding this.
        I am well, hope you are too.

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      3. thelonelyauthorblog

        Holly sorry for the delay in my response. I have read one blog post in the past two weeks and that was this one that we are commenting on.

        I agree with much that you said, however the inciting violence at his rallies, well, Hillary’s campaign is to blame as demonstrated by the firing of two campaign managers who paid $1,500 and new iphones to protesters willing to incite violence at his rallies. As for the refusing to accept the election results, well, again Democrats are famous for this too. Al Gore & the Liberals refused to accept the 2000 election when he lost to George W Bush. The Democrats refused to accept numerous recounts (in your home states) and decisions by the Supreme Court.

        As for Comey, this was very unfair. He had enough to indict her of perjury and obstruction of justice the first time. So why reopen this, and WHY NOW?

        Unfortunately, we have two VERY FLAWED candidates. Niether fit to be President or dog catcher.

        Happy to hear you are well. Be well.

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      4. Heartafire

        I would like to apologize, this contentious election if pitting friend and family member against each other. I truly apologize for getting sucked up in that mindset. I hope you will forgive my reaction Drew.

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  1. Heartafire

    I think it is irresponsible to throw a bomb out there as Comey has done eleven days prior to the election in a 3 paragraph notice, no details, simply coming out of left field. He must come forward with the information he has gathered, otherwise he is creating an ugly backlash of anger from those who are not willing to jump to the worst conclusion without evidence. I am sickened by the call to ” LOCK HER UP”, based on hatred and bigotry. I am appalled by a recent rally where Trump supporters held banners showing HRC with a bulls eye across her face, how despicable, all encouraged by this misogynistic, foul mouthed ( “I grab them by the pussy”) con man. How gullible can we get. The truth of the matter is that he is not able to accomplish half of his platform promises but will say anything to “rule”.

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    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      I HEAR YOU. It seems Comey was trying to bring out what he had at the time…then essentially give her a free pass. According to news reports, the F.B.I. investigators closer to the investigation itself were not happy with his essentially white-wash. As more facts emerge, he has to go with the flow. And I agree….saying “LOCK HER UP!” does no good at all. They obviously both want that power…and both candidates have proven they’ll do whatever seems necessary to secure it. NOW SEE–we disagree on some things, but I’m not trashing you or putting you down (you’ll always be my favorite redhead poetess…alas, at a distance)!

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    2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      P.S.–Frankly, she and Obama and Bill Clinton have played fast and loose with professional ethics and any sort of consideration of the consequences to the american people….I think it just had to explode some time–she brought most of this on herself! 😦

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      1. Heartafire

        You may be right. Where are the tax returns? This man who has gotten wealthy on the backs of small businesses he failed to compensate for services received, belittling a war hero when he dodged the draft. That really ticks me, my Grandfather has a purple heart! We definitely disagree.


      2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Well, I didn’t say I was totally FOR Trump.But the Clintons–both of them–have been appararently involved with corruption for decades and arrogant enough to deny they did…or have delibrately lied as to what they had and did. And it’s being proven. At first, she was primarily someone who married to go places. I don’t feel so sorry for her now. But—friends can disagree. 🙂

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