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Always Aley


I was completely lost this morning when my students asked what we’d be working on. Thanksgiving break was nice to me and last Tuesday seemed so far away.

It’s always hard for me to return to school after a long break. I almost have to train my brain to work. However, once we all got into the swing of things, students included it’s a great feeling to be productive.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I were talking about self-worth. Because of my past relationship, it’s a little hard for me to value myself, I’m learning to love myself again –it’s just hard–

Sometimes my insecurities get in the way, but the boyfriend is by far a better human than I’ll ever be. I guess that’s why he’s my significant other. He’s the other side of me right now. The side that sees all the good, the pretty, the funny, even the…

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Start At The Very Beginning


Dawson Women's Ministry

For what seems like a very long time, we’ve been talking about finding a venue to share in-depth information about what God is doing in the hearts of the women of the Dawson Family of Faith. This blog is that venue and we are so grateful to God for His timing and provision as we expand WOVEN to include this method of communication.

The WOVEN ministry is designed to involve all women. It is not something a woman “joins”. Rather, it is something a woman “is”! As Paul encouraged the Colossians, we seek to be “woven into a tapestry of love”. WOVEN offers a variety of ways to be involved throughout each year: studies that focus on Scripture and God’s work in individual lives and the corporate body of the church; the TABLE ministry that opens homes in the community for intentional conversation about God; MOMS & MORE that explores aspects…

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Before I reject God healing,

But other than a physician’s dealing…

I look in His word

And see how Christ worked,

The process to me revealing.

If we’d know God it’s “all-out”,

No just larking about…

Serious stuff–

Do we have enough,

Fortitude to stick to a rout(e)?

The secular’s “all-out” as well,

On certain concepts dwelt…


Sensing Present–in your mind clear it,

Health Insurance takes care of the bill!

–Jonathan Caswell

Falls of Snow


Photography Blog by GT

© Gerard Tohill 2016

Every landscape photographer will have a story about their equipment and a river – I don’t know one who has not.

I rather stupidly managed to drop my filter bag, containing all my filters, into the Afon Mielte. The bag is still drying out. Hey ho.

The waterfall is called Sgwd Yr Eira, which translates as ‘Falls of Snow’.

I wonder what ‘Falls of filter bag’ is in welsh?

On the plus side – I got a few nice images, and spent the day outdoors. Can’t be bad.

Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 24mm, 3 seconds at f/10, polarising filter (dried out!), tripod.

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